So, who are the Locsmiths?

Locsmiths is a team of videogames' localization industry veterans, which freelanced and/or worked inhouse for all the major multilanguage vendors and even major publishers in the sector.

The team is led by Bruno Dias, who some might know for his work leading the portuguese operations for U-TRAX. His current 20+ years of experience and know-how are just the “visible face” of a dedicated and passionate group of people with a very rich background and know-how and an endless portfolio of very successful localization projects, that turned the spotlight towards localization in all portuguese speaking territories, by earning respect in the press and the admiration of the target audiences.

Translation, dubbing, testing, integration, project management, terminology and script consultancy, fact checking, videogame’s magazines and portals, you name it, we did it. We have busy hands and busy minds, which make us your perfect partner for the job.

Our core values are: Quality, Experience, Specialization, Availability and Fast Communication.


The vast majority of our finished projects have perpetual NDAs. To avoid cherry picking on the few projects we are publicly credited for, just contact us asking for references and we will be able to point you on the right direction! You can always take a peek in our spaces on MobyGames, who do an excellent job to maintain a record about credits:  Bruno Dias and Locsmiths

Becoming a Locsmith

Becoming a Locsmith is not for the faint of heart. If you manage to pass our test matrix, you will be admitted into bootcamp, where you will get a lower rate in exchange for continuous feedback, workshops and classes, so you can improve into a junior level. During that time you will only worked in low profile projects, with difficulty increasing progressively. After 6 to 9 months you will know if you made it to the team or not.

The other route is having a videogames' localization experience strong enough to make General Gameloc cry in shame. But you still need to pass the test matrix nonetheless. A lot of experience doesn't always mean being good at what you're experienced at. Contact us if you think you have what it takes to join the elite.