When non-binary is the norm

Post date: Feb 26, 2021 5:12:23 PM

During the Bugsnax project and concerning Floofty, the challenge wasn't finding which words had to be written in non-binary (bless Young Horses for their tidy documents and helpful contexts). As long as we knew Floofty was involved, we kept an ear up.

Flexing words into non-binary was odd, but only because it was something we weren't used to. A few awkward flexes here, a few hasty dictionary checks there, and the text came together rather nicely in the end.

The real "Gotcha" moment was figuring out where Floofty would employ non-binary language. That required thinking outside our cisgender minds. How would someone with a deconstructed idea of gender and pronouns speak differently? We opted for it while Floofty spoke about the Snaxburg denizens as a collective, under the assumption that a non-binary speaker wouldn't default to the male plural for a group they knew to be mixed.

What did you think about the final result? Drop us a line :D