So, what services do we provide?


Many translators are out of touch with games culture, treating game translation like any other translation. Locsmiths focus solely on the video game market, so we understand the needs of game developers and game publishers. All of our translators and reviewers are experienced gamers, game localizers and native speakers of the languages into which they translate. Many also have backgrounds in creative writing and literature, which makes them fully able to take into account key cultural and linguistic factors necessary for a truly high-quality translation of your game.


Our network of selected partners with extensive experience in audio production for videogames covers all aspects of the process, including, the castings, recordings, effects and post-production. A strong collaboration between translation and audio teams ensures consistency and integrity of the content. After dozens of very high demanding AAA dubbing projects we are loaded with tricks up our sleeves that will ensure deadlines, budgets and quality stay on track.


Testing is a very important component in localization, allowing you to fine polish the final product and remove any wrinkles. Our team has a lots of experience in testing at the highest level, with a background that spans over 100 AAA titles.

Project Management

Managing a localization project can be a very complicated affair. If your hands are full or simply want to focus on other parts of your game development process, our experienced inhouse PMs or network of top of the line freelancing PMs can take the work out of your hands and keep a tight leash on your schedule and budget.


Localization is not a slam-dunk process. There's a whole myriad of things to take in account, from target market suitability, to manufacturer compliance, age ratings, etc. We've been part of this rodeo long enough to point you in the right direction.

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