Machine Translation and ai explained

Post date: Mar 23, 2024 5:08:51 PM

Major props to IGDA for approaching this subject in such a clear and concise way. Now no one can claim they were "cheated" on quality, nor anyone can claim they will pull an impossible miracle using automated translations. And this perfectly complements our latest opinion on the subject, which you can find under The Real Danger of Machine Translation.

But here goes the conclusion of the "real deal", you can find following this link: Should I Use Machine or AI Translation for my game? 

Should I Use Machine or AI Translation for my Game?

Being a translator myself, my opinion on this topic is obviously biased. However, my colleagues and I have translated countless creative works and have seen first-hand the quality of the work produced by machines. As of today, machine and AI translation is not suitable for creative works.

They might seem like good cost and time-saving measures (which is certainly how large translation agencies are selling them), but the money and time you save in the translation will be spent elsewhere. Whether that’s you paying extra for a long LQA period to fix all the issues; or some poor editor or LQA tester doing underpaid or unpaid labor to double check and fix broken translations; or by you releasing a poorly localized game that international fans will critique; or by you needing to re-translate everything down the line.

Whether your game is a story-rich adventure full of character, or a fun puzzle game with minimal text, I highly recommend you use professional human translators who are specialized in video games. Otherwise, you will likely get regenerated bland text, that is highly likely incorrect.

You can ask fellow game developers who have had positive experiences and feedback on their localizations, or consult with reputable associations such as the IGDA Localization SIG for recommendations based on what you’re looking for and your budget.

If you decide to go with a large agency who promises high quality translation with a fast turnaround at a low rate, take it with a grain of salt. If they try to sell you on machine or AI translation as a way to further save money, take it with a whole block. Either way, it’s always best to explore different options and think about what would be best for your game.