And how exactly do we work?

Our localization service covers all aspects of the game localization process. We manage pre-production, translation, audio recording, and quality control supporting you through the whole process. But we reckon there's no better way to explain how we work than to exemplify it!

It all starts with the most important step of all: Preparation.

Once the localization project is greenlit, all relevant data is compiled. If not provided by the producer, a reference kit is created, a style guide is selected, terminology guides and project terms are shortlisted for glossary purposes.

The Project Manager casts the most suitable resources available for the task, ensures data sharing and schedule enforcing.

Then we move on to the second step: Translation

The translation team starts their work, having an immediate and clear channel towards the reviewing team and the Project Manager.

Project Manager compiles all questions and ensures a smooth and clean communication with the producer.

Naturally, the third step is: Reviewing

The reviewing team receives the work done by the translators and reviews it for errors, accuracy and style.

The last step is a joint effort of everybody involved: Quality Assurance

Extra checks are done, manually or using specific software, to verify compliance with glossaries, terms and instructions, plus marking down a checklist that usually contains the project guidelines and some very usual "slips", like double spaces, curly quotes, etc.

The Project Manager then prepares the delivery back to the producer, within the established deadline.

If it's an audio project, then an Audio Project Manager will also be involved, but in the end the tasks are not very different, simply applied to the audio environment.

If you signed up for testing, a testing plan will be created for you, with its own checklist and parameters. Once more, the process is similar, with the same staggered model to assure the best results.